Reaching Out From Here - cdmiller

A quick message:

Decided it's high time I did something positive in this world.

Aside from weddings, portraits and the like, when life permits I try to head out to the great outdoors and do the odd bit of landscape photography. Rather than let these images sit on my computer, I figured I could put them to good use and put them up for sale.

So for the next month, I've selected a bunch of my favourites and have put them together below.

From 19th August 2016 to the 19th September 2016, all profits made from purchases of the "Reaching Out From Here" set, will be donated to Save The Children.

If you see any you like, then please feel free to treat yourself. You'll get a nice picture for your wall and hopefully, you'll be making a real and positive change in someone's life.

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